MTN OPS was what I like to call an eternal client. The kind that's looking for something very specific but has a difficult time articulating what that is. The original ad we made for them went through several rounds of revisions and still ended up getting scrapped entirely, so I was a little nervous sending this in. The extra effort paid off though because the only revision they asked for was to change the music, and we all got an ad we could be proud of. 
Club early bird was a great project to work on. the acting, directing, shooting, and edit all came together seamlessly to make what I think is a really great ad.
As an avid coffee drinker myself, I was stoked when i was tasked with editing this ad. I took a few creative liberties that I feel really paid off and made this ad so fun to watch.
At chamber quick turnarounds were expected because of the sheer volume of content we put out every week. This was one of my fastest ads, done in less than a day.
Service-based businesses are hard to make videos for since they don't have a tangible product, but this ad i edited for Modus came out really nice.
This project included a lot of collaboration between myself, the director, and the head of video production at Lume. I ended up changing around a few things to tighten up the edit and make the pacing right, and it resulted in a very watchable ad.

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