This was a unique project to work on because it was part of a class competition. We were separated into groups of three and given one hour to shoot and edit a 1-minute video. Before the competition, we were allowed to come up with a script, which I wrote as well. I was on-screen talent for the video and I edited this video. Our group was chosen as the class winners after everyone's videos were presented to the other professors and cinematography classes in the digital media program.
One assignment in my cinematography class was to pick something from a video we have seen and try to figure out the editing style and techniques used and produce a similar product. I loved the aggressive, in-your-face editing style of Baby Driver and wanted to create something similar. I did all parts of the project myself except for the last shot, which was filmed by my partner. 
This was just a fun exercise in timing. My friends and I love skateboarding and thought we would try out doing a kickflip using stunt-doubles. Planned and edited by me.
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